Monday, November 29, 2010

Update to 1976 Laughlin Jubilee Baseball #5, Frank Robinson

Back in 2008, I wrote up one of Bob Laughlin's most colorful sets, a 32-player "Diamond Jubilee" collection honoring the American League's 75th anniversary. Card number five commemorates Frank Robinson's debut as player/manager for Cleveland, which he topped off with career homer #575.

My original write-up claimed Diamond Jubilees came with blank backs, which proved wrong wrong wrong. Laughlin actually included a note about each AL honoree, "Diamond Cards" sketch logo, and card number. (Hard to be #5 without it, right?) With all apologies to Mr. Robinson, the updated post now includes both scans and an updated description: 1976 Laughlin Diamond Jubilee #5.

Here's my favorite modern Robinson card.

Nice auto and good close-up--that's some smoooooth card action.

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