Jamie Quirk Wantlist

Career utility man Jamie Quirk played for 18 years in several uniforms, including multiple tours with Kansas City. From 1985 through 1988, in fact, he signed four straight one-year deals with the Royals, following brief stints with St. Louis, Chicago, and Cleveland. He reached the World Series with Oakland in 1990 and retired as an Athletic after 1992.

1970s McCarthy postcard, Jamie Quirk

While I didn't follow Quirk during his active career, I love his dedication to the game and ability to play wherever teams needed him. Best known as a catcher, Jamie played almost 25% of his games at other positions, and did everything but pitch. Most of my remaining wantlist consists of team issues and postcards.

2019 Update: Check out this Coach Quirk Custom, courtesy of Mark Brubaker!

2020 Update: 1975 Omaha Top Trophies (8x10), courtesy of Erik G! I bet this is the hardest-to-find of all Quirks.

2021 Update: Steve R sent this 1988 Royals postcard!

Jamie Quirk player collection wantlist (Updated Jan 19, 2021)
  • 1975 Omaha Royals Team Issue 14
  • 1976 Royals Postcards 26
  • 1983 Cardinals Team Issue 22
  • 1986 Royals Team issue 20
  • 2002 Rangers Postcards 24

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