Wednesday, November 2, 2016

World Series 2016 Giveaway Winners!

Gonna sneak this post in before game 7 ends to avoid the rush. :-)

Remember this guy? I sure do.

WHO WON: My recent World Series giveaway wrapped up neatly. Run totals for game 4-5 (7-2 and 3-2) were 14 runs. Congrats to John Hogan, who got closest at 13!


Madding (12)
gcrl (11)
arpsmith (10)
Richard (9)
Jon (8)
Admin (7)

Not gonna leave anyone out, so let's get team lots to all six runners-up. :-)

Everyone above, please email me your account name, choice of team lot, and mailing address to glidden dot matthew at gmail for prizes! As always, thanks for reading.