Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winners from "Teams of Christmas Past" giveaway!

Thanks to all 15 folks who put in claims for my Festivus giveaway of old teams. After assigning everyone a number, the sequence generator kicked out these top 5!
  • Captain Canuck (Milwaukee Braves, St Louis Browns, Montreal Expos)
  • Chris Stufflestreet (Washington Senators, Seattle Pilots, Houston Colt .45s)
  • Dan (Philadelphia Athletics, St. Louis Browns, Washington Senators)
  • Jeremy (Brooklyn Dodgers, St.Louis Browns, NY Giants)
  • Mad Guru (Montreal Expos, Wilmington Quick Steps, Louisville Colonels)

Interesting to see 3 different St. Louis Browns selections make the cut, with a good smattering of other options. Not sure about finding Guru a Wilmington Quick Steps card, but props to him for picking a team I'd never heard of! I'll contact winners for their mailing addresses by this weekend.

Le Grand Orange thanks everyone for participating!


Mark Aubrey said...

Nicely done. Thanks for hosting the contest.

Word verification: bewogi

As in the Hartsford Bewogis.

Mad Guru said...

Thanks a lot!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for hosting the contest.happy Festivus.