Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Poll wrap-up: Would you pick up this card?

Thanks to everyone for "picking up" results for last Friday's poll. 14 folks chimed in on what cards they'd rescue from the dustbin, with these rough percentages of yes votes.
  • 1964 Torre: 90%
  • 1975 Tiant: 75%
  • 1984 Ripken: 50%
  • 1992 Sierra: 15%
  • 2003 Gwynn: 30%
Good to see folks haven't lost their goodwill toward modern cards. Of course, I didn't include this fine fellow, on display over at the Ugly Baseball Cards post "A Word From Our Sponsors."

1992 Fleer #708

Oy vey.


Orioles Magic said...

Wow, what were they going for here?

Matthew Glidden said...

No idea! Almost looks like they trapped Yount in a Magritte painting.