Thursday, December 23, 2010

Festivus 400th Post Give-away Contest of Free Stuff

Yesterday's post on Honus Wagner marked #400 for the Number 5 blog. As thanks to everyone following along, let's give away some cards! It's the giving season, whatever your holiday background. (For non-Seinfeld-watchers, "Festivus" is a noncommercial winter holiday observed on Dec 23.)

The (aluminum) Festivus Pole

Of the three hauntings from Dickens' A Christmas Carol, I ruminated most over its Ghost of Christmas Past. Would Scrooge see his old self in a new light? Could he put the wisdom to good use? In that spirit of our past becoming a better future, I'm giving away cards of teams gone by. Brooklyn Dodgers! Seattle Pilots! St. Louis Browns! Les Expos!

That Browns logo is something else

HOW TO ENTER: Add a comment listing 3 favored MLB teams that no longer exist in their original city or under the current name. For example:
  • 1: Seattle Pilots
  • 2: Brooklyn Dodgers
  • 3: Montreal Expos

This contest accepts entries through Monday, Dec 27th. I'll randomize them all and send cards from one (or more) of their teams to 5 lucky folks. Probably can't find them for super-old teams, but be creative! :-)

WHAT YOU WIN: Cards for one (or more) of the 3 former teams you listed! It's a Festivus Miracle.


Greg Zakwin said...

Brooklyn Dodgers
Seattle Pilots
......Detroit Wolverines

A bit too old, no?

Then let's go with the New York Giants.

Captain Canuck said...

Milwaukee Braves
St Louis Browns
Montreal Expos

Greg Zakwin said...

Actually, Canuck has swayed me. I'll swap the Milwaukee Braves for the Pilots, if that's acceptable.

Slangon said...

New York Giants
Washington Senators
Houston Colt .45's

Cool idea for a contest by the by.

Chris Stufflestreet said...

Going back to my childhood and remembering the apparent aura of owning cards that were older than I was...these teams were cool because they were no longer around:

Washington Senators
Seattle Pilots
Houston Colt .45s

And I remember the days where I wouldn't have dreamed of ever owning a card of a St. Louis Brown or -- egad -- a Philadelphia A's player.

night owl said...

In keeping with the season, let's go back to Christmas Carol times and the 1800s:

Pittsburgh Alleghenys
New York Gothams
Brooklyn Bridegrooms

Dan said...

Philadelphia Athletics
St. Louis Browns
Washington Senators

dayf said...

Boston Beaneaters
Boston Doves
Boston Bees.

In the slight chance that you are unable to find any original Allen & Ginter, T206 or National Chicle Diamond Stars to give away as a prize I will happily accept reprints or cards from the franchise's other incarnations, the Red Stockings, Red Caps, Rustlers or Braves.

Hell, I'll even take Crackers.

BA Benny said...

New York Giants
Washington Senators
Brooklyn Dodgers

Mariner1 said...

Seattle Pilots
Brooklyn Dodgers
Houston Colt .45s

Please Pilots cards come home to the Northwest.

Justin McLeod said...

Brooklyn Dodgers
Montreal Expos
Boston Braves

AlbuqwirkE said...

Chicago Orphans
St. Louis Perfectos
Cleveland Spiders

Jeremy said...

Brooklyn Dodgers
St.Louis Browns
NY Giants

Jeremy said...

Oh Yeah, Happy Festivus!

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

St. Louis Browns (predecessor of the Orioles)
Seattle Pilots (former team of Pacific Northwest)
Milwaukee Brewers (predecessor of the Chicago White Sox)

Mark Aubrey said...

* Philadelphia Quakers
* Cleveland Spiders
* Rochester Broncos

Thanks for the contest. May you have many more posts. And many more Festivi.

Matthew Glidden said...

Two folks listed Cleveland Spiders! You should check out this Plain Dealer front page article on the team's first game.

"Base ball is very much alive in Cleveland." (far right columns)

Almost 120 years later, the newspaper stat box looks almost identical to today's version.

Mad Guru said...

Montreal Expos
Wilmington Quick Steps
Louisville Colonels