Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Damon Rutherford card contest entry

The Rain of Error blog recently challenged readers to create a card for Damon Rutherford, a focus character from the classic baseball book The Universal Baseball Association, Inc. (Check out its contest post for more details.)

While Damon's a primary character, the book also highlights his (former great) father Brock, so I felt inspired to do a 1976 Topps "Father & Son"-style card.

Card front

Card back

My pair copies #66 most directly, Gus and Buddy Bell. (Read its card profile at Project 1976.) Seeing Gus' 1953 Topps card and knowing that Satchel Paige appeared in the set cemented the idea for me. He became Brock and Angels pitcher Ervin Santana stands in as the son. (The autograph's actually Ann Rutherford, whose first name's tolerably close to "Damon" when written.)


Mark Aubrey said...

Great job on the card. I love the Ann Rutherford signature.

I'm assuming that you've read the book, correct?

Matthew Glidden said...

Just read the first eight pages available via the Amazon link! It's a pretty colorful fleshing-out of the father / son situation and Damon's perfect game (which they don't quite get to the end of). Didn't realize the book's as old as it is until after I was done with the card!