Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New poll: Are blog labels useful?

This blog's nearing 200 posts and it grew a weedy garden of "labels" (years, teams, leagues, etc.) along the way.

At first, making lots of them seemed like good planning. Down the road, readers could see all the old Brooklyn cards with just one link! While technically true, it's also easy to search for "Brooklyn." Player names and card companies are also easy to find that way.

I'm considering use a small list of more abstract labels like "best of," "minor leagues," or "war time." Some bloggers nominate specific entries as their favorites and they're usually good. Card rarity and valuable also makes an impression. We amass huge amounts of cardboard and like them for a bunch of different reasons, yet the first question non-collectors ask is, "what's your most expensive card?"

This week's poll asks what, if any, blog labels you find useful. It'll be open through Sunday and thanks for votes and comments.


The Drizz said...

i think year tags are the most useful for me, especially on a blog like jaybee's topps blog, where he has tons of useful info/fun facts on topps cards from all different years.

Matthew Glidden said...

Sure, I see what you mean. Also noting that JayBee's got 250+ posts covering 2008 and 2009! Damn!