Thursday, June 23, 2011

Winners from Father's Day Giveaway!

Wow, that was amazing. Thanks to everyone who entered my contest and shared so many memories! 38 different families make for a great assemblage of baseball stories. I think my favorite is grandpa's foam brick inscribed "throw at TV when Yankees win."

Like this, but lighter

Here's the full list, filled with classic teams (Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, Tigers) and a few from the expansion era (Brewers, Blue Jays, Nationals)
  1. MattR: Giants (both), Reds
  2. The Dimwit: Astros (both)
  3. Baseball Dad: Indians (both)
  4. Cardanathema: Cubs (both)
  5. Jim: Phillies (both), Yankees
  6. Capt Canuck: Braves, Blue Jays
  7. mmosley: Mets, Yankees, Phillies
  8. Jason: Indians (both), Reds
  9. The Drizz: Tigers (both)
  10. --David: Indians, Pirates
  11. Greg Zakwin: Dodgers (both)
  12. dawgbones: Phillies (both), Yankees
  13. dayf: Braves (both)
  14. The Lost Collector: Yankees (both)
  15. Chris Stufflestreet: Yankees, Red Sox/Rays
  16. TheBrooklynMet: Mets, Yankees
  17. Dhoff: Tigers (both)
  18. AdamE: Red Sox, Pirates
  19. Matt Pederson: Cubs, Twins
  20. BA Benny: Mets, Yankees
  21. Anthony: Giants, 49ers/Rams
  22. Ryan G: Giants, A's
  23. madding: Yankees, Cardinals
  24. Red Sox (both)
  25. Play at the Plate: Twins, Rangers
  26. Ryan LaMonica: Yankees (both)
  27. - potch: Reds, Cubs
  28. CL: Yankees, Mets
  29. Commishbob: Yankees, Orioles
  30. Bo: Yankees (both)
  31. Thorzul: Brewers (both)
  32. Jeff Laws: Cubs, White Sox
  33. Night Owl: Dodgers, Red Sox
  34. Kirk Jacobson: Senators/Nationals, Orioles
  35. Nathan: Blue Jays, A's
  36. Stealing Home: Dodgers, Giants
  37. toddkjacobson: Nationals, Orioles
  38. Dion's IP Autos: Angels, Phillies

Tossing all 38 numbers into generated...20, 32, 16, 1, and 27. Congrats to MattR, TheBrooklynMet, BA Benny, potch, and Jeff Laws! I'll contact you privately to arrange sending your winnings.

Now, the drawing of cross-blog promoters, this time for vintage HOFers.
  1. MattR
  2. The Dimwit
  3. cardanathema
  4. Jason
  5. Greg Zakwin
  6. dawgbones
  7. dayf
  8. The Lost Collector
  9. Matt Pederson
  10. Ryan G
  11. Play at the Plate
  12. BA Benny
  13. Jeff Laws
  14. Kirk Jacobson

Just one number this time and Randomizer kicked out...3. Congrats to cardanathema, who wins on behalf of the Cubs! The older, pre-Brewer generations of my family would be pleased. :-)

Thanks to all for reading and my best to fathers and fans everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Great contest! Thanks.


Great idea for a contest ! I enjoyed reading all of them.