Monday, October 25, 2010


Full credit to the Rangers and Giants for taking baseball's AL and NL pennants! It's the first time for Texas, whose franchise is technically a 1961 expansion team that moved from Washington D.C. prior to 1972. (Read more about it in this blog's 1961 Peters Meats Twins #5 profile.) SF grabbed their second 21st-century title, 8 years after losing to Anaheim in the 2002 World Series.
On Oct 15, I challenged readers to guess the combined runs for all 4 teams in 2010's ALCS and NLCS. Even below-average scoring (7 runs x 12 games) would total almost 90, but actual numbers ran slightly higher, thanks to those burly AL hitters.

ALCS: 57 runs
NLCS: 39 runs
Total: 96 runs

The top estimate was 98, so our 4 highest-end folks proved winners.

  • AlbuqwirkE: 83
  • Steve D: 88
  • Dan: 94
  • Night Owl: 98

Congrats to these baseball sages! I will package up some pre-war goodies and contact each of you for a mailing address.


night owl said...

Awesome! And thanks.

Steve D said...

Thanks for the generosity!