Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Great package from The Year It All Began!

Credit MrMopar of the excellent blog 1978, The Year It All Began with persistence in getting a nice assortment of Garveys and #5 cards to my door. Here's what he did to make that happen.

  1. Sent multiple mails to get my mailing address right, since I'm not the, uh, promptest replier. 
  2. Braved USPS line in person, where a postal employee cautioned him the package might be searched. (Implication? "It's totally within our rights to confiscate your Garvey cards.")
  3. Waited patiently for their slowest boat to deliver it, possibly using carrier fish to cross the Mississippi.

But it's now in my hands! Check out this 2-part haul.

6 Garveys (1 w/Fernando) and a Quirk auto!

MrMopar astutely selected several Garveys needed for my player collection and added an autograph to my less well-known cache of Jamie Quirks! Pictured cards include a video tape guide to collecting by National show promoter Mike Berkus (with appearance by Steve), Fun Foods promo card, and 1971 Dell stamp RC (which shares a photo with Ticketron's 1971 postcard). Woo!

Many, many #5 cards

Wow, what a stack of cool stuff. Stickers, HOFers, minor leaguers--they run the gamut. Note the blue-bordered 1977 San Jose Missions card at upper left and look for its profile on this blog soon!

Other players in this cornucopia range from the infamous (Jose Canseco appeared on several #5s during his career) to the timeless (Julio Franco in Cleveland) to the really, really slow (Sid Bream).

Thanks for the hits, sir, I treasure every card! (And video tape.)

Oh yeah--one last thing I noticed.

Garvey, circa 1979

Tom Brady, circa 2005

"Is that you, dad?"

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MrMopar said...


Glad they made it OK and also glad you liked them. The 71 is actually the MLB stamp though, not the Ticket master card. That is postcard sized. Still, it's one of only a few early Garvey issues aside from his Topps RC.