Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Type Site: 1207 Consecutive Games

Number 5 Type Collection follower and fellow Garvey fan Steelehere runs his own blog over at 1207 Consecutive Games, so named for Steve's NL record-setting playing streak. That stretch of daily work in LA and San Diego placed 4th on the all-time list, behind Cal Ripken (2632), Lou Gehrig (2130), and Everett Scott (1307). (Get full details at Baseball-Reference.com.)

I rank two of Steelehere's posts as "essential card reading", one of which I referenced in a Lou Piniella retrospective. That post is "Hope Springs Eternal" and shows off guys with more than 1 multi-player rookie card.

But why stop at one great post? In Sept 2010, he added "Hope Spring Eternal - Part Two." It features, among other cool stuff, a Topps fumble-and-fix, where they ran 2 different cards for George Korince in the same 1967 set.

Twice the players means twice the stories! Check out more of his cards and research at 1207 Consecutive Games.

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