Monday, October 18, 2010

POLL UPDATE: Runs scored over the weekend

Thanks to all who entered Friday's TOTAL RUNS IN THE ALCS and NLCS contest. What people guessed depends on both how many games you think will be played and what you think of the pitchers and hitters. Lowest possible is 8, should both winners sweep all 1-0 games. Reality's far above that, and A.J. Burnett hasn't even taken the hill yet.

New York's game 4 starter, baby!

The Yankees dropped 8 of A.J.'s last 10 starts, but for my Yankee-rooting friends, it probably felt like all of 'em.

Let's check the contest entries, from low to high.

  • Ryan: 42 
  • Don: 54 
  • Mark: 57
  • AdamE: 63
  • Captain Canuck: 67
  • Chris Stufflestreet: 69 (dudes)
  • Play at the Plate: 73
  • BA Benny: 77
  • AlbuqwirkE: 83
  • Steve D: 88
  • Dan: 94
  • Night Owl: 98

After the weekend, we stand at 34 total runs, or 8.5 per game (ALCS has 20 and NLCS 14). With both series tied 1-1 and at least 6 more games coming, the top end of our range is looking good. Might we break 100 with room to spare?

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