Saturday, October 9, 2010

How's this for synchronicity?

Today turned up one of those excellent overlaps in the world of card blogging, thanks to two of my favorites.

First, The Topps Archives ranks high on any list of great card blogs, given its constant fountain of info on both familiar and obscure issues. Next, Baseball Nerd by MSNBC (and former ESPN) host Keith Olbermann captures his thoughts on the sport and our hobby. As a long-time collector, he knows how to weave cards into the pastime's larger context.

Today, Topps Archives did a great breakdown of the 3-series 1967-1968 Venezuelan Winter League set called Limite Loco. That issue's a fascinating combo of local players, retired stars, and images borrowed from Topps.

1967-68 Venezuelan Joe Foy

Baseball Nerd posts often show minor league cards of current players to make light of hairstyles or "what were they thinking?" uniform design. Today, Olbermann covered the managers for all 8 playoff teams. What to my wondering eyes would appear but this Bobby Cox from Venezuela?

1967-68 Venezuelan Bobby Cox

Coincidence? Probably. Awesome? Definitely.

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