Thursday, March 25, 2010

1977 Kellogg's Baseball #5, John Montefusco

Here's a man with one of baseball's best nicknames: John "The Count" Montefusco. Not many jocks call unapologetically back to classic literature. (The Count of Monte Cristo is also one of the world's best revenge stories--and we all need a good revenge story sometimes.)

Montefusco won NL ROY honors in 1975 and pitched in the 1976 All-Star game. He allowed no runs over 2 innings of a 7-1 NL win and struck out Fred Lynn and Phil Garner.

Not crazy about the back's reused mug shot, as it seems lazy. Couldn't the team (or Kellogg's) get a second photo, especially since John's front pose is nothing to sing about?

1981 Topps #438, John Montefusco

OK, no further comment! Maybe they should've nicknamed him "Jaws."

Value: Kellogg's are readily available on eBay and Beckett Marketplace and "commons" cost a dollar or two. You can find the entire set for $50 or under, depending on condition.

Fakes / Reprints: It would be a lot of trouble to reprint Kellogg's plastic cards and I've never seen one in the market.

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