Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1957 Ed-U-Cards Baseball Game #5, Double Play

This awesome action card arrived today, a surprise gift from a trading friend. It's part of a 36-card baseball game from the 1950s, intended for 2 friends playing on a paper diamond. (See several scans and the game board at

Card front

This set's just one of a vast parade of Ed-U-Cards issues covering TV characters, sports, and other subjects. None of the cards feature identifiable teams or players, just drawings of balls, strikes, hits, and outs.

Card back

Much like the Spanish "Cine Manual" set (#5 profile here), this card's tiny pitcher is actually part of a flip movie. Put all 36 cards in numerical order, flip the top edge, and he throws a fastball right at you.

Value: On eBay, complete boxed sets run from $15-20. Single cards should be cheap--if you can find them.

Fakes / Reprints: Never seen a faked Ed-U-Card and they're not probably not valuable enough to try.


Donald Dale Milne said...

The Ed-U-Cards Baseball game is even older, first issued in 1949. In 1964, they came out with versions for many different Major League Teams including the NY Mets, LA Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Senators, Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Baltimore Orioles. Lots more information on other Ed-U-Cards at Roadtrip-'62.

Unknown said...

How do u play the game?

Roadtrip 62 - Don said...

Pretty much the same as a real game of baseball. Each card has a play, like "strike", "single", "ball", "double play" and you draw cards. If you draw 3 strikes, you get an out, if you accumulate 3 outs, it's the other person's turn to play. Tally up any runs you score and play 9 innings worth.