Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Favorite (Vintage) Baseball Card: 1956 Topps #30, Jackie Robinson

Fellow blogger Fuji's running a "favorite card" survey over at his Chronicles that asks readers to pick their top vintage or 90s insert. I won't keep you in suspense, mine's this classic right here.

The above Jackie Robinson card made an easy pick, as it's the card that sparked a pursuit of 1956 Topps, my overall favorite set. I originally bought two of this #30 to get both grey and white back variations, but traded one away some years ago--probably to land another star from the same set.

Thanks to today's many reprints, you can find both originals and modern versions at shows or online. The second scan's nicked from 2001 Topps Archives #410 on COMC and costs a fraction of Jackie's vintage cards. Almost everyone can afford a dollar, right?

Got a favorite card to call out? Stop by Fuji's blog and chime in.

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TheIronLung said...

Love the 1956 set as well... more than 1/2 way done of a low-grade version