Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1979 TCMA Tidewater Tides Baseball #5, Jeff Reardon

Mets AAA affiliate Tidewater played like the International League equivalent of L.A.'s Dodgers in 1979, finishing worst in runs scored, but best in runs allowed. That staff featured bona fide future stars Jesse Orosco, Mike Scott, and Jeff Reardon, the latter two finding success further from New York's bright lights. (As of this post, today's guest is 7th on the all-time saves list, slotted between Eck and Troy Percival.)

Jeff's bland, ill-fitting Tides uniform made me think of Dirk Hayhurst's Out of My League. Among many other vignettes, Dirk tells the tale of minor leaguers jockeying for uniform pieces prior to opening day. Non-MLB teams watch their bottom line closely and don't splurge on--just one example--fitted pants. The more you know! (And his book helps you know a lot.)

Jeff's hometown is close to (but not quite) the stated Pittsfield, MA. The nearby Dalton raised Reardon and dedicated him a ball park in 1990, pictured in the home state Red Sox cap he wore from 1990-92.

25 players appear in the full Tidewater Tides set, including David Letterman Top-10 List favorite Mookie Wilson. (Search on Mookie for proof.)
  1. Roy Lee Jackson
  2. John Pacella
  3. Jose Moreno
  4. Frank Verdi
  5. Jeff Reardon
  6. Dwight Bernard
  7. Mookie Wilson
  8. Butch Benton
  9. Ron Washington
  10. Jim Buckner
  11. Dan Norman
  12. Mario Ramirez
  13. Marshall Brant
  14. Ed Cipot
  15. Mike Scott
  16. Stan Hough
  17. Scott Holman
  18. Kelvin Chapman
  19. Mike Van De Casteele
  20. Greg Pavlick
  21. Bobby Bryant
  22. Russell Clark
  23. Jesse Orosco
  24. Bob Gorinski
  25. Earl Stephenson

Cardboard Zoo compiled a bunch of info for this TCMA set in 2011 and pointed, in turn, back here. Don't get caught in a link-following vortex!

Value: Semi-stars like Reardon run more than typical TCMA singles and this #5 cost $6 at a dealer on Beckett Marketplace.

Fakes / reprints: Haven't seen any in the marketplace. (If Reardon made the HOF, the risk would be higher.)


Mad Guru said...

Jeff Reardon without a beard! Amazing!

Matthew Glidden said...

Not something you'll see everyday, that's for sure. Just about every MLB card outside of his 1993 season with the Reds is full beard.