Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy May Number Five

Taking a quick break in the Venezuelan profiles to say Happy Cinco de Mayo. Big creative props to PunkRockPaint, who pimped the Baseball Card Blog with a set of six Muppets custom cards today!

He labeled the Janice card as number 5, but the whole Electric Mayhem team looks great. Wish we had these cards when I was a kid!

Check out the whole band at Muppets...The Retro Baseball Card Set. Identify the 1972 Topps cards he used and win a custom card of your own!


night owl said...

I would've spent so much money if there were Muppet cards when I was kid.

PunkRockPaint said...


Just so you know, the numbers were transposed on the blog. Floyd pepper is actually #5. I am working on a back for you...

Matthew Glidden said...

Oh, no kidding? Guess I'll have to BUY THEM ALL.! :-)

Look forward to the complete Floyd!