Sunday, May 8, 2011

1972 Electric Mayhem #5, Floyd Pepper

Last week, custom card maestro (and blogger) PunkRockPaint posted a primo collection of Electric Mayhem singles, honoring Jim Henson's best-ever Muppet musicians. (Emmet Otter and his Jug Band just don't rock as hard.)

I think any Muppet Show fan would've traded all their Reggie Jacksons and Nolan Ryans for these five cards. My favorite band member (then and now) is Animal, but check out the custom back PRP sent me for Floyd!

Click through for its full detail: that comic's superb and I'm surprised they stopped Dr. Teeth at only 9 anthems.

Find the full run of these custom Muppet cards at Baseball Card Blog!

Value: Priceless.

Fakes / reprints: If only I could reprint these on my brain stem.

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