Monday, June 28, 2010

1980 TCMA Syracuse Chiefs Baseball #5, Pat Rockett

With that hair and mustache, I bet Pat listened to some Little Feat in his day. "GOT A ROCKET IN MY POCKET AND A ROLL IN MY WALK..." (video thus)

Card front

Pat Rockett hit a single MLB homer in 152 career games for Atlanta. That's one more than I ever hit, of course, but even an average blogger might've slugged better than the .155 (not batting, slugging!) he managed in 1978.

Card back

1980 marked Pat's final season in pro ball, when he logged 81 games for Toronto's AAA affiliate in Syracuse, NY. He set a career high in walks that year and broke .350 OPB for the first time. Unfortunately, with infielders Alfredo Griffin, Damaso Garcia, and Roy Howell playing every day for the Blue Jays, slim "breakthrough" odds might've pushed him to try another line of work.

Value: Non-star TCMA minor leaguers cost a few dollars at most and that's how much I paid for this one on Beckett Marketplace.

Fakes / reprints: Unless it's superstar like Cal Ripken or Albert Pujols, I doubt folks would try to reprint a modern minor league player.

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