Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Type Site: Captain Canuck's Waxaholic

New #5 site follower Captain Canuck has published a collecting blog called Waxaholic for the last two years, which is almost two decades in Internet time. He posted a staggering 342 updates last year alone, covering almost anything under the sporting sun, from current events to tobacco era cards. But do his Canadian origins mean nothing but polite language and only non-controversial topics? Let's check some select quotes!
  • "I am just a [hockey] fan, watching his game be ruined by a [redacted] in a suit who never played the game."
  • "The [MVP] finalists were announced today, and amazingly enough, the NHL screwed the pooch on this one too."
  • "What the HELL?!?! A Maple Leaf? How did a Maple Leaf get on this blog?!?!"
  • "Keep your damn useless FA rookie never-has-been wannabe autos....GIVE ME MORE JERSEY CARDS!!!!!"
  • "...[redacted] card shops and their owners. Dooming themselves, and the hobby in one fell swoop!"
When he's not telling you how it is, C.C. (aka Brian) covers a vast array of sports and cards. My favorite recent post's "Tobacco Mania Part One: Hungarian Hotties," featuring a 1930s European film stars set. Check out this snazzy chanteuse!

Check out more of everything at Waxaholic.


Captain Canuck said...

Hmmmm.. mental note to self... people actually read what I write.
Must remember this.

Captain Canuck said...

oh, btw... if you ever want to increase web traffic to your blog, just throw out the occasional post with "Hungarian Hotties" in the title.

You would not believe some of the hits I get from, shall we say, the oddest searches on google.

Matthew Glidden said...

Oh yeah? Hadn't considered that, but can see why upon reflection...

Want me to trim the rant quotes? Just poking fun at the American stereotype that Canadians are mild-mannered 100% of the time. :-)