Thursday, May 27, 2010

Type Site: The Great Orioles Autograph Project

Recent #5 site follower Ryan (aka Orioles Magic) runs another excellent "goal" site, The Great Orioles Autograph Project. He's looking for signed cards of every different Baltimore player and currently has over 700, obtained by mail, trade, or in-person. With 133 posts under his belt in 2010 alone, there's something new to read almost every calendar day.

This post reminded me of all those mid-80s Mariners games I went to as a teenager, cards and ballpoint pen in hand. Fans could get a lot closer to players in those days and you could get at least 10 new signatures every Sunday afternoon. (My record day was around 25.)

May 24, 2010: "Some Recent Autographs from O's Games"

Speaking of former Mariners...

You don't have to be an O's fan to enjoy the blog. Read more at The Great Orioles Autograph Project.


Orioles Magic said...

Matthew-thanks a lot for the great post! I appreciate your pointing people my direction and I will certainly return the favor to you.

Matthew Glidden said...

You're welcome, sir! Good luck on the project--great to see that you're 80+% of the way there.