Monday, May 17, 2010

Type Site: The Bespectacled Spectacle

Recent #5 site follower AB also authors an excellent theme blog, covering baseball cards with awesome glasses. How great are the spectacles he features? Very great.

1979 Topps #138

Now those are some best-of-the-1970s glasses. I can practically hear Rose Royce playing in the background!

Mark Lee shows up in my favorite Bespectacled Spectacle post, "Are Glasses Performance Enhancement?," which also features previous #5 player Cookie Rojas.

1963 Topps #221

This 1963 card airbrushed a Phillies hat over the sleeveless Cincy uniform, which isn't Topps' best work. At least the specs add something of interest. (Also peep his glasses in my 1967 Venezuelan post.)

Read more meditations on baseball eyewear at The Bespectacled Spectacle!


AB said...

Thanks for the comments and the coverage- I am a fan of both the Number 5 Type and Things Done to Cards.
I also agree with most of the comments regarding the counterfeit Yaz- I always keep a loupe on hand to check out the printing style. However, also agree with your selection criteria- you don't always want to depend on graded cards (and no one can be certain that they are infallible) so you have to go with the feedback total and percentage.
Either way, scummy ebay sellers have got to go!
Thanks again- great stuff!

Matthew Glidden said...

Yeah, and I've noticed many vintage fakes focus on a few sets, due to book value and ease of reprinting. Bazookas and Play Balls seem most prevalent, making them tougher to be confident of. Just because it's a hobby doesn't mean there's no adventure! :-)