Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Presidents Day (and recent site updates)

Three things this weekend.

FIRST: Happy Presidents Day! It always reminds me of this exchange from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Rocky: Here's a letter for you, Bullwinkle!
Bullwinkle: Wowee!
Rocky: Why so happy? You don't even know what's in the letter!
Bullwinkle: I know, but look at that stamp! A genuine picture of Lincoln-with a beard!
Rocky: You must be crazy about Lincoln.
Bullwinkle: No, I'm crazy about beards. What's the letter say?
Rocky: It's from Washington.
Bullwinkle: Washington? Do you suppose he heard I was a Lincoln fan?
Rocky: Bullwinkle -
Bullwinkle: I'd be a Washington fan too if he had a beard!
Rocky: This is -
Bullwinkle: And Washington needs all the fans it can get this year!

This came from the late 1960s, hence its dig at Washington's Senators (or politicians, take your pick).

SECOND: I found an auction listing for this original studio photo of 1910 Tip-Top Pirates #5 Tommy Leach, so went back and updated its set profile! Baseball never sleeps.

THIRD: 3 days left to vote (or comment) on Wednesday's poll for 2011's most likely turnaround team.

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