Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1968 Topps All-Star Baseball Stickers #5, Willie Mays

This "card" is actually the middle panel from a vertical strip of stickers that Topps test-issued in 1968. They prove exceedingly rare for "small money"--I've only seen two #5s on eBay--so it's a stroke of luck that this PSA 1 found its way into my type collection.

Card front (blank back)

PSA obviously grades single panels, but full strips include a sticker both above and below Willie (note the edge perforation). Topps put their biggest names on that center card, like Mays, Clemente, Mantle, and Aaron. Top and bottom panels show 3 players each, with alternate poses for guys also on center panels. The set's complete at 16 strips, as numbered on the center panel's bottom edge.

Uncut sheet of All-Star Stickers

Big thanks to The Topps Archives blog for locating an uncut sheet image and lots of others for their Where the Action Is post. Check it out for tons of useful info and product scans from this set.

Value: This PSA 1 closed at $50 on eBay. So few turn up that it's hard to set a reliable price, but complete strips run well over $100.

Fakes / reprints: Don't know of any, but they're valuable enough for fakers to try. Only advanced collectors typically try to build this set, due to rarity and cost.


Mark Aubrey said...

So, do you plan to leave it in the plastic sarcophagus or do you plan on liberating it?

Nice sticker, by the way.

Matthew Glidden said...

Thanks! It'll probably stay in the slab, yeah. The rarer ones usually stay that way, to help in event of resale...