Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday poll: Most likely to improve in 2011?

As a fan, you expect teams to play hard every day, whether or not pundits and betting lines expect them to win. Even the worst MLB squads end up with about 60 victories over a full season, after all, so who says Seattle or Pittsburgh won't beat Tampa Bay or Philly next time out? Today's poll asks who will turn their poor 2010 showing into a better 2011.

My personal and sentimental vote goes to Seattle, who plays in a middling division and can't possibly hit worse than they did last season. To do so would be an offense worthy of our criminal courts. Add your tally and optimism to the sidebar--do Baltimore folks think Showalter can make their strong 2010 finish run into this year?


Nathan said...

Well, I'm hoping it's the A's, but .500 seems about right for them. I'd have to say just looking at 2011 depth charts for the first time that Milwaukee seems like a team that should be able to outperform their record from last year.

Justin McLeod said...

Cubs, for sure. New stars, new, but not green, manager. Yep, the Cubs for sure. And I'm going to be cheering them on all the way. Go Cubs!!!

ShaneK said...

In the AL, I'll say the Orioles. They won't make the playoffs, but that line up will be better than most realize and have some young SPs ready to take the next step.

In the NL, I'll say the Brewers, but would like to see the basement-dweller Pirates actually get above .500

Matthew Glidden said...

Rob Neyer's covering similar ground this week and posted about the Diamondbacks shot at a 2011 turnaround. Their roller-coaster ride of last to first to last to first to last is amazing.

Can Arizona turn it around?