Monday, August 29, 2011

Favorite Card Goofs (and Winner) of Friday's Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who nominated card goofs for last week's contest! Here's your roll call of infamy.

Spiegel83: Billy Ripken's many bat handles (original FF, black box, blanked).

1989 Fleer, "black box" variation

Ryan G: Reverse negatives (and Billy Ripken).

1957 Topps #20, Hank Aaron (reversed)

Chris Stufflestreet: Gimme some Topps Joe Rudi, but hold the Rudi.

1973 Topps #360, Joe Rudi not pictured

Hackenbush: The bonus card of Ron Santo.

1963 Topps #113, Don Landrum not pictured

The Lost Collector and Mad Guru: Now pinch-pitching for Al Leiter, Steve George.

1998 Topps #18, Al Leiter not pictured

Play at the Plate: Billy Martin, who may or may not be flipping off the cameraman.

1972 Topps #33, Billy Martin (autographed)

Matt: Juan Gonzalez bats lefty (and Billy Ripken).

1990 Donruss #33, Juan Gonzalez (reversed)

Mark A: "Double threat" Uecker can strike out from both sides of the plate.

1965 Topps #519, Bob Uecker (as lefty)

Greg Zakwin: Topps releases Alex Gordon rookie "by accident."

2006 Topps #297, Alex Gordon (withdrawn)

Night Owl: The younger Pettis brother stands in for Gary.

1985 Topps #497, Gary Pettis not pictured

Jason Shoemaker: George W. Bush and Mickey Mantle can pop up where you least expect them.

2007 Topps #40, Derek Jeter (Bush in stands, Mantle in dugout)

THE WINNER: I threw everyone into the hopper and it decreed that Mad Guru takes home the duplicate of my 1948 R346 Johnny Mize card (and his oddball hat)!

Congrats, Guru! And thanks to everyone for nominating their favorite cardboard shenanigans; you turned up some mistakes I'd never seen before.

UPDATE: Someone asked about the Dale Murphy reversed negative, so here you go! Note the backwards "A," "Braves," and bat handle number.

1989 Upper Deck #357, Dale Murphy (reversed)


Mad Guru said...

Hey, thanks a lot! I loved the Joe Rudi error card. Never heard of that one before. I think it's funny, too, that Lost Collector and I both erroneously cited our favorite error card. He said it was 1998 and I said it was Mark Leiter. Errors abound!

Anonymous said...

Where's the '89 UD Murphy?