Friday, August 5, 2011

Blogging from the National

There's one hour left on Friday, my first day at the 2011 Chicago National. Lots of stuff seen on the show floor, including three-sport outfits (Yankees hat, Red Wings jersey, basketball hi-tops), fans wearing shirts festooned with team autographs, and every permutation on "collectible" you can imagine.

Real product: "Mickey Mantle Isometric Minute-a-Day Gym"

The one downside so far is concrete everywhere, which tires out one's feet quickly. You need a lot of sit-down breaks to contemplate doing this for multiple days. (I'm sitting down to type this, thanks to an unoccupied corner table.) Best purchase so far's this 1967 Topps pin-up of Roberto Clemente for $7, scan borrowed from COMC.

Saturday / Sunday show goal: meet other card bloggers. I talked with a couple at the Freedom Card Board booth, but hope to track down more. Add a comment if you'd like to talk cards and arrange a meetup spot. (I'm also findable on the floor Saturday in my Jake Woods #46 Mariners jersey, which has its own story.)

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