Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1992 Upper Deck Baseball #5, Jim Thome

Congratulations to Jim Thome on cresting 600 homers! Love his team jacket on this suitably named Upper Deck Star Rookie card.

Jim hit exactly 1 major league homer in 1991, 2 in 1992, and 7 more in 1993 across 114 total games. Thome's power stroke developed in 1994 and he went to enjoy 11 straight seasons with 20+ homers. (Career stats at B-R.)

For all his top-10 MVP finishes, Thome's only been to 6 All-Star games in 21 years, a low total for someone with such consistent power numbers. Like fans in Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Minnesota, I'm glad to see Jim getting recognition now and look forward to a few more moon shots before he finally hangs up his spikes.

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