Monday, August 15, 2011

1979 Mitock LA Dodgers Baseball Postcards #5, Andy Messersmith

Today's postcard sits right in Night Owl's wheelhouse, as a night-time Dodger photo from the 1970s. Check out his blog's ongoing series of awesome night cards, if you haven't already. They remind you how different the game looks under man-made light.

Can't tell if Andy's throwing a real pitch, but the photographer caught a nice windup pose of his curve ball or close-grip heater. Nice design choice on that white-on-black autograph, too, something you don't see much on cards from any era. 

Messersmith's solid + green + mound card composition reminds me of this 1933 Goudey set. All he's missing is an ad for BIG LEAGUE Chewing Gum and that 1930s patina.

Today's Mitock Publishing-made postcard turned up at the 2011 National in Chicago mixed in with many others published during the 1960s and 1970s. According to what I can find online, the KVB11955 tag line means 1979 and includes at least these Dodger players.
  • KVB11955-1: Bob Welch
  • KVB11955-2: (Terry Forster is KVB11956-2, perhaps also in this set?)
  • KVB11955-3: Joe Ferguson (thanks gcrl for picking that out)
  • KVB11955-4: Derrell Thomas
  • KVB11955-5: Andy Messersmith
  • KVB11955-6: Garry Thomasson
Let me know if you've seen others from this series and we'll fill out the checklist.

Value: I paid $4 for Mr. Messersmith, who grades a solid VG-EX.

Fakes / reprints: Don't know of any in the marketplace. I suspect it'd be hard to make money faking baseball postcards, unless you went back to the pre-war era.


gcrl said...

i have a fair number of dodger postcards, but hadn't seen that messersmith. very very nice.

gcrl said...

i am working on a postcard post, and i've seen that joe ferguson is kvb11955-3. there is also a terry forster postcard that is numbered kvb11956-2. i've included it as a 1979 issue since the numbering is close and we know that the 1980 numbering is kvb129953 (and possibly kvb130xx for dusty baker based on another source).

Matthew Glidden said...

Thanks, added those details today!

Anonymous said...

Just found all KVB numbers. Garvey 9875; Cey 9873; Monday 9871; Lasorta 9876. Next all KV numbers. Lopes 8861-4; T John 8861-3; Sutton 7813-8; Hough 8861-5; Baker 8861-9.