Friday, April 1, 2011

1977 Bob Parker Reds Baseball #5, Don Gullett

Happy Opening Day, Reds fans! Congrats on the exciting comeback and win over Milwaukee, who got a reminder how un-automatic the closer role really is, short of guys like Mariano Rivera (who picked up save #560 on the back side of a Yankee win).

Card front (blank back)

Gullett made the opening day start twice during his 7-year stint with Cincy. Notably, he drove in the team's only run against Juan Marichal in 1972 and then pitched into the 10th (!) in 1975, giving up a single run over 9 2/3 innings. I predict it'll be a long time before we see a starting day pitcher go into extra innings again, if ever.

Artist Bob Parker first drew these postcard-sized images in a regular newspaper feature highlighting Reds players, but later printed them as individual cards, sold by mail order for a few dollars each. I love the surrounding cartoons, a style that calls all the way back to 1938 Goudey.

1938 Goudey #277

Value: Sets cost a few dollars then and singles cost a few dollars today. Stars Pete Rose and Johnny Bench might run you more.

Fakes / reprints: Haven't seen any in the marketplace.

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