Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Giveaway: SMOOCHES! And cards.

Be like Shawon Dunston and spread a little love around today. Also, cards!

1996 Score Dugout Collection #5

If you're like me, asking for baseball cards on Valentine's Day gets baseball cards. TODAY'S GIVEAWAY changes that up! Add a note to this post with a kind of card you want to receive and I'll find something to send out. The available stack's pretty large, so I encourage creativity.

  • Chicago Cubs (or another team)
  • Multi-player cards (Leaders, team cards, etc.)
  • Individual players (Bagwell, Piazza, Thome)
  • Vintage players
  • Specials (Diamond Kings, inserts)
  • Guys with gloves
  • Dads (will probably include the Dunston card)

Note that asking for "Cards made of metal that scan awkwardly" will get you this:

1996 Donruss Steel Stats #5, Jeff Conine


Fuji said...

Happy Valentines Day! How about this: Japanese baseball players, who were born in Japan... but who play in the MLB.

Matthew Glidden said...

I like it! Will send some your way; drop a note to glidden dot matthew at gmail with the address to use.

Dan said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Cards of Phillies who played on the team between 1883-2009. Reprints are fine also. Is that too broad?

night owl said...

Well, you're in the giving mood. It must be Valentine's Day.

Oddball Dodgers of the '70s.

Minor League Dodgers

Brooklyn Dodgers

Or, if being specific isn't really a requirement: DODGERS!

(FYI: I admire a number-specific collection so large that you can find something appropriate for holidays).

BA Benny said...

What a generous offer for the holiday. I will say something NY Mets that is shiny, perhaps has a serial #.

McCann Can Triple said...

Happy Valentines day!

I would request an individual player of Chipper Jones but that isn't very creative, plus I wasn't sure if the three players you mentioned where the only ones you had.

How about funny cards. Like guys with funny names, or players making a odd face or else in a funny or awkward position.

Play at the Plate said...

Texas Rangers and/or plays at the plate. I'll shiit you an email later. Thanks!

Matthew Glidden said...

OK, should be able to hit everything so far! Let me know of any others and send a mailing address to Glidden dot Matthew at gmail. (No use other than the giveaway, of course.)