Friday, February 19, 2010

1967 Tab Cap Dodgers #D5, Don Sutton

Coke produced a number of soft drink cap sets in the late 1960s, featuring both individual teams and league All-Stars. Adding baseball promos to Tab (their original diet cola) was just one way of spreading marketing dollars around the many Coca-Cola brands.

Bottle cap (inside)

Today's Dodger-specific set includes future HOFer Don Sutton, looking extremely young and entering just the second of his 23 pitching seasons, 16 of them for LA. (Full career stats.)

Surprisingly, he's the best-known player from 1967's set. Koufax retired after 1966, Drysdale curiously doesn't get a cap, and few other members from their 8th-place squad made a lasting impression.

Bottle cap (top)

I love this bottle cap. (There, I said it.) The classic 1960s design, stitched baseball, and blurry/sharp mix look very pop-artistic.

Check out the 1967 Dodgers gallery at Philly Sports Cards. They carry a variety of Coke bottle sets and that's where I bought my Sutton cap (and a few others for future posts).

Value: $12 got me a pristine HOFer, about the high water line for Coke or Tab caps. Common players in lower grades run $1 or less.

Fake / Reprints: Fortunately, I doubt it's possible to fake a bottle cap.

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