Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1979 TCMA Holyoke Millers #5, Kevin Bass

On Feb 15, Topps launched their 2010 set tie-in, the Million Card Giveaway. Collectors redeem card codes for one of many, many past cards. Ideally, you get a classic HOFer like 1962 Topps #5 Sandy Koufax. More likely, it'll be 1989 Topps #323 Gary Thurman.

Night Owl Cards posted his day 1 redemptions, which included an action-filled 1987 Topps Kevin Bass. (Details and scans at "There are a million other things I should be doing...") I say, why stop at just one?

Card front

The Millers played ball for fans in Holyoke, MA as part of Milwaukee's farm system 1977-1980 and California's 1981-1982.

Card back

For a team that folded in the 80s, they've got a pretty active Facebook group!

Value: Kevin Bass cost me $1 from Beckett Marketplace, in the usual range for minor league "commons."

Fakes / Reprints: Haven't seen any reprints of 1970s minor leaguers, other than guys who eventually made the HOF.

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