Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Number 5 blog now on Twitter

This blog's now on Twitter as Number5TypeCard, another handy way to track site updates.

  • New articles (also available by RSS and email)
  • Article updates with higher-quality card scans or new info (doesn't show up on RSS or email)
  • Interesting links from other sites (doesn't show up on RSS or email)
  • Card giveaways (to be determined if they'll be in RSS and email)

Also on Twitter? If so, I'm also asking a two-fold favor!

  • Follow the blog and add it a baseball Twitter list, if you keep one
  • Nominate other baseball sites you contribute to or enjoy reading (and I'll promote them)

As a bonus for people reading this far, I wrote up the 1967 Topps posters Hank Aaron for "Things Done to Cards" in December. It's one of my favorite Hammerin' Hank "cards."

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