Thursday, September 30, 2010

1972 TCMA 1928 Tharp's Baseball Reprint #5, Gabby Hartnett

Have I written before that early 1970s TCMA was all over the place? Is there a running theme to these offerings?

  • 1972 TCMA "The 1930s"
  • 1972 TCMA Goudey Wide Pens Reprint
  • 1973 TCMA "Bobo" (10 pictures of the peripatetic Mr. Newsom)
  • 1973 TCMA 1890 Base-ball Season
  • 1973 TCMA 1930’s No Hit Pitchers and 6 for 6 Hitters
  • 1973 TCMA Autographs and Drawings Postcards
  • 1973 TCMA Pudge Gautreaux
  • 1973 TCMA Sports Scoop Hall of Fame
  • 1973 TCMA Stan Martucci Postcards (NYC sports bar owner)

This crazy assortment doesn't even mention today's enigmatic reprint of the rare 1928 Tharp's Ice Cream set, with HOFer Gabby Hartnett pictured below.

Card front

By "enigmatic," I mean that "Google search can't find a freaking checklist." These cards look simple and innocent, but can drive vintage collectors nuts. A half-dozen different issues, including Pennsylvania ice cream makers Tharp's, Yuengling's, and Harrington's, share 1 card design and list of players. Thanks to poor printing technology, even authentic examples look a lot like modern photocopies. (The haziness around Mr. Hartnett's head isn't bad work on TCMA's part--1928 originals really look like that.) Some collectors shy away just to avoid being ripped off.

Card back

Catalogs designate these ice cream sets collectively as F50. Collectors who want a specific maker (i.e., Tharp's) must check the back text. Old Cardboard has both a nice set profile and history of Tharp's Ice Cream that ties all 3 together.

TCMA sold sets direct to collectors by mail order or in-person at shows, so I assume many remain complete. This single turned up on eBay a few years ago.

Value: While hard to find, individual cards should run less than $10. Original Ruth cards cost thousands, so his reprints from this set probably run higher.

Fakes / reprints: Pretty sure no one reprinted these reprints, since faking the original F50s would be far more lucrative.

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