Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013 National Vintage Wrap-Up Part 2: Upgrades

Prior to the 2013 National, I leafed through several vintage sets for upgrade options. Plenty of dealers offer Good-to-Ex cards for $1 or less, cheaply bettering my binders and giving me extras to share with other collectors. After a successful return with 100+ such improvements, here's a handful of who will look for new homes.

1955 Bowman #139, Bob and Bill Shantz

That's one beat-up TV of Kansas City's former brother battery, Bobby the pitcher and Billy the catcher.  Billy's platooning meant they didn't match up often; Bobby called their best game together a 6-0, 3-hit shutout of New York on April 29, 1955.

1957 Topps #137 Bob Rush

Check out those missing edges! Bob's hair wasn't the only thing subjected to a keen but wandering blade.

1955 Topps #151, Red Kress

In a world that already stole Little Red's face, Big Red seems resigned to his encroaching fate. Chief Wahoo tries to grin and bear it.

1958 Topps #370, Yogi Berra

Does this lipstick make my eyes pop? It's that new shade, "Warning Track."

1958 Topps #285, Frank Robinson

You got a little something under your nose, Frank. No, it's still there. OK, allllmost got it...

1958 Topps #295, Minnie Minoso "Manuel Mota"

Acquired a bunch of these "updated" 1958s in the past and finally swapping a few of them out. Interesting that this 1958 Minoso became Manny Mota, who didn't debut until 1962, but did play 2B/3B/OF that year for San Francisco. Accuracy counts!

1958 Topps #238 Bill Mazeroski "Jim Coughty"

It looks like the same collector updated both Maz and Minoso, so "Jim Coughty" might've played after 1958. He likely meant James Marlan Coughtry, who never appeared on his own MLB card, sharing only "floating head" space with Bob Sadowski, Ed Charles, and Felix Torres.

1962 Topps #595, Infielders Rookie Parade

It's a rookie parade! Get the rookie clowns, rookie floats, and rookie cotton candy machines!

For fans who've seen the Jackie Robinson movie 42, that's the same Ed Charles who appears as a Florida youngster inspired by Jackie. Ed showed similar persistence, spending 9 years in the minors prior to his 1962 MLB debut, and went on to win the 1969 World Series as a Met. (Charles also did it wearing uniform #5.)

1957 Topps #203, Boyt Wilhelm

"No, I'm Hoyt's brother, BOYT Wilhelm. Sports aren't my thing, I'm more of an accounting guy."


Spiegel83 said...

That Hoyt card is a work of art.

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I'm digging that Yogi Berra Warning Track card.

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