Thursday, January 13, 2011

Type Site: Section 36

Wow, been a while since we've profiled a site follower in the Type Site series, so let's jump back in with Section 36, a Boston-area chap who authors a baseball blog by the same name.

Hmm, wonder who he writes about?

Section 36 blog burned up 2010 with 281 articles posted, a great total for even professional writers. Find everything from articles on baseball cards and memorabilia to personal stories and open questions (i.e., Are the Sox actually sending Julio Lugo paychecks?).

One my favorite Yankee-Red Sox digs came from the Blogs from Other Teams request, where he asked folks to nominate other fan writers to follow. Check out this pair of comments.

Adam_The_Yankee_Fan said...

"Here are two great blogs from the greatest team in the land!"

Section 36 said...

"Adam, I think you gave me the wrong links. Those were Yankees blogs."

ZING! With apologies to Adam, that's quality comeback-ery.

Section 36 also runs off-season contests (for cards + other booty) and 2010's version remains OPEN until Feb 9, 2011! Check his 2010 Scavenger Hunt post for details and then go hunting for those photos.

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Section 36 said...

Thanks for the write-up!