Thursday, April 1, 2010

Changing the Blog Focus

Type199: Hand Turkey
After 2 years at the keyboard, I'm finally running out of #5 cards to profile. While there will be a couple more entries to finish things up, it's time to preview phase 2 of my special collection posts.

Celebrity Hand Turkeys.

That's right, people of at least nominal fame who've been convinced to not only sign something I put before them, but actually trace out their hand and decorate it with prose and doodles.

I decided to start local, by invading the personal space of Helen McWilliams, lead singer of Boston punk band Tijuana Sweetheart. (Still not sure what the name means, but what the heck, it sounds famous to me.)

Check out the excellent attire Ms. McWilliams added to her illustration, in observation of what the turkeys call "Formal Plorbsday." That is quality hand poultry!

If you like trashy punk music, read more about Tijuana Sweetheart's new album on their web site,

BONUS: See in-action hand turkey photo at Flickr.


Mark Aubrey said...

Crud. I was going to go with either Snow Angels or Melted Snowmen photos.

This tops anything I could come up with.

Matthew Glidden said...

Don't turn down the "celebrity snow angels" idea! Sounds like a reality show waiting to happen.