Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Poll:

Not sure if I wrapped up the last poll adequately. It gave a bunch of "sizes," card-to-poster, and asked what you collect. In other words, is there an upper limit?

Summary: you fine blog readers collect almost everything not nailed down. While no one picked "posters and Fatheads" explicitly, many said anything was fair game. For my part, the big 16" x 20" 1969 Topps Team Posters remain a favorite set!

Today's poll question covers card abuse. Youngsters (and adults?) often make cards their own by adding facial hair, faking a player's signature, or simply binding them securely with rubber bands. My favorite? Ink beards. What kind of "special features" did you add to cards?

Dr. Inkenstein!


Matt Runyon said...

I used rubber bands on my team sets in the first few years of collecting. I also stapled some of my cards on my bedroom wall, but those were doubles.

Matthew Glidden said...

Definitely rubber banded lots of cards, primarily Mariners team sets.

I remember drawing ballpoint glasses and a beard on this Cal Ripken card at one point. Later, I re-discovered the card and wondered what the heck was I thinking? Cal was going to be worth big money! Today, Baltimore team sets are $3. Oh well!

Joe S. said...

I always stored them pretty safely - I had it in my head that they'd one day be priceless (like my dad's) so I kept them in good condition.

That said, I put more than my fair share of "signatures" on '92 Topps cards!