Thursday, August 13, 2009

Type Site: Mark's Ephemera

Over the last few weeks, two concepts keep recurring across multiple discussions and personal contacts.

  1. "Baseball cards as ephemera": we amass small pieces of cardboard history, mostly plucked from points in a 20th century time line. Ephemera supersets both sport and non-sport collecting and overlaps with the printing, advertising, and paper making industries.

  2. "George Foster is bad-ass": most 70s hairstyles look foolish now, but Foster's sideburns reign supreme. He still looked good in 80s White Sox garb (1986 Topps card mock-up), not an easy task.

Both worlds collide on Mark's Ephemera, a #5 site follower and "blog about [Mark's] foray into sports card collecting." Typical posts cover new eBay acquisitions, live game trips, and recent trades. He focuses on Hall of Famers, but often profiles others along the way. I particularly enjoyed these recent Foster sightings.

  1. That's Not Rod Carew - nope, it was an George Foster autograph!

  2. George Foster Bat Card - I like the fire-branded "C" on the bat chip

Follow his blog for more forays and cards!


Mark Aubrey said...


Thank you for the kind words and the write up.

Matthew Glidden said...

You're welcome! Happy to keep reading your work.

Anonymous said...

great card dedicated to george foster. to this day, few men hit the ball harder, and futher, than the "black bat bopper" :)! my brother is a reds fanatic; especially from the "big red machine" days! would you be willing to sell either of the george foster cards? albeit quite early, they would make a surprise Christmas gift. thank you. very truly yours, steve kirkwood (southern illinois)

Matthew Glidden said...

Steve, the cards are both at Mark's site, so that's for him to say! I think the first card went back to the eBay seller as a mistake. As of today, the second one seems up for trade.

George Foster Bat Card