Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1995 Fleer Rookie Update Baseball #5, Chipper Jones

Presenting a man who needs no introduction. Great job, Chipper, and congrats on another playoff run!

That's a great baseball card swing and glad Fleer went with the horizontal format.

"Ballyhooed" on a baseball card! "The Show" is both capitalized and quoted! That kind of stuff makes my day.

Good luck to all the playoff aspirants. Here's how I imagined my Mariners planned for the off-season.

BIG SHOT #1: So, the team still can't hit. What do we do? 
BIG SHOT #2: Move in the fences for 2013? 
BIG SHOT #1: Great, let's do it. 8am tee time tomorrow? 
BIG SHOT #2: Works for me.

It's official!

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