Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RIP Chris Stufflestreet of the Vintage Sportscards blog

Big blow to the collecting world this month, as we lost expert blogger Chris Stufflestreet last week at the far-too-soon age of 39. His regular writing included The Vintage Sportscards and 1973 Topps Photography, along with an unending supply of helpful answers to questions posed by collectors of all eras and interests.

Chris spent most of his life around cards, as evinced by the above black-and-white photo, snapped by a local reporter at a card show in the mid-1980s. Chris's friend Tom Housley of (aka, OBC) composed this fitting tribute card, modeled after 1973 Topps "Boyhood Photos" subset.

1973 Topps #341

Due to his prolific writing and forethought, new (pre-scheduled) articles have continued to appear on both blogs following his passing. Thanks again Chris, I'll be reading each and every one.


night owl said...

Very nice tribute card

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed both of his sports card blogs. Chris will be missed by all who read his blogs.