Friday, October 12, 2012

2010 Topps Baseball Factory Set Bonus Philadelphia Phillies #PHI5, Jayson Werth

Congratulations to our latest post-season walk-off homer hero, Nationals OF Jayson Werth!

As noted by Jeff Passan, Werth's blast helped in two ways, both distracting Washington fans from fellow OF Bryce Harper's 1-for-18 slump and guaranteeing all four division series would go the 5-game distance. SO MUCH BASEBALL, PEOPLE.

Hot on the heels of Raul Ibanez's heroics for New York, Werth makes it two former Phillies doing good work in the type collection. This particular card's one of the "bonus" subsets, which BaseballCardpedia lays out in their 2010 Topps Factory Sets entry and includes these Phillies, all prefixed PHI.
  1. Roy Halladay (167 ERA+ in 2010 vs. 89 ERA+ in 2012)
  2. Ryan Howard (127 OPS+ in 2010 vs. 91 OPS+ in 2012)
  3. Chase Utley (just 83 games in 2012)
  4. Jimmy Rollins (2.3 WAR in 2012 vs. 2.0 in 2010, the only "improved" Phillie)
  5. Jayson Werth (now in Washington)

As Phillie fans can unfortunately confirm, there's no sure thing in baseball. And no crying, either!

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