Monday, September 10, 2012

New Kids On The Bench Contest Winners

Lots of great submissions in last Friday's freshman name contest. Let's catch them in a rundown.

Every one of these entries meets or exceeds my personal baseball name standard-bearer, Biff Schlitzer.

In awarding prizes, I disqualified three (in italics) for being either not rookies (Petit and Alburquerque) or not in the bigs (Odor). They're still winners in My Book of Winners, just not winners in My Book of This Contest. :-(

Top 5 Winners in My Book of This Contest
  • Didi Gregorious, which multiple people (deservedly) wanted to choose
  • Adieny Hechavarria, which got bonus points for the lineup backstory
  • Adron Chambers, who sounds like a Victorian-era action hero
  • Jurickson Profar, who I've nicknamed "Jurickson Profar Blondes" (tm) (lol)
  • Tanner Scheppers, which should also be a beer

Greg Z, Buckstorecards, Madding, Night Owl, Mad Guru: send your preferred vintage team and mailing address to glidden period matthew at gmail! Thanks to all for reading and kicking in so many great names.


Greg Zakwin said...

woooo! thanks for the contest! e-mail sent!

Chunter said...

Thanks for the contest!