Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Steve Christmas (1983 TCMA Tucson Toros)

Only two shopping days until the 25th. Anyone left on your Christmas list? Why not get them a card?

Holiday-friendly catcher Steve Christmas appeared once before in this blog, as a teammate of 1980 TCMA Waterbury Reds #5, Paul Herring. His pictured team, the Tucson Toros, adopted this rainbow-sleeve 80s look of their parent club, Houston, a few short years after their salsa-and-guacamole debacle.

1987 Fleer #67, Nolan Ryan

It's still above freezing in Boston, so who knows if this year's Christmas will also be white. I brought Bing along, just in case flakes start to fall...

Merry Steve Christmas, y'all!


Ryan G said...

(Insert obligatory James Bond Christmas joke here.) "I've never had Steve Christmas in Turkey..."

Matthew Glidden said...

Guess I have to post this now. :-)

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