Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poll wrap-up: Longest eBay transaction + 300th post

Thanks for your votes! A few other folks waited a month or more for their transaction to wrap-up, so I don't feel so bad about my current "purchase-and-exchange" stretching out to almost 8 weeks. It's a hard truth that moving everyone's home business to the web (a la eBay) also adds new potentials for delay.

If my math is correct, yesterday's 1980 TCMA Richmond Braves profile of manager Fred "Scrap Iron" Hatfield marked my 300th post to the #5 type blog. While certainly a goal from day one, what blogger confidently expects to reach that kind of post count?

Thanks to everyone who's read an article, commented, or sent me precious cards from their own collection! It's been a personally rewarding trip.

I'll be taking a week off around the 4th of July, returning with more profiles and at least one giveaway by mid-July. Have a good holiday to everyone doing the same! (Wish I could relax in this #5 Yankee Stadium seat that went up for auction earlier this year...)


Mark Aubrey said...

Matthew, congratulations are in order. I'm impressed, especially because you have such a narrow scope of collecting.

I'd like to see another 300 out of you.b

Matthew Glidden said...

Thanks! Another 300 should just about do it, unless a mountain of new followers prompts an equally prolific batch of Type Site posts. I'll accept either outcome. :-)