Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1982 TCMA Omaha Royals Baseball #5, Don Hood

Born today in in 1949, veteran pitcher Don Hood. (His mustache followed just 3 years later.)

The fact that Hood spent time back in AAA Omaha after several big league seasons says something about the pre-specialist era of relief pitching. 1980s franchises couldn't find a lasting role for his skills, so Don retired at age 33 after spells as both starter and bullpen man (career stats). These days, experienced lefties go a long way as situational relievers, aka LOOGYs.

Pinstripe Birthdays noted that Don came to New York after Goose Gossage broke his thumb brawling with Yanks DH Cliff Johnson, a "revenge trade" reminder that many transactions are about more than compiling on-field skills. That post also features Hood's 1979 Topps card and its alternate--but still impressive--lip caterpillar.

KC Royals History profiled the whole 1982 Omaha set and my favorite photo's probably Mike "I'm still badass in triple-A" Armstrong. The glasses, the pose, the grrrrrrr. Throw in fan favorite Buddy Biancalana and you've got a quality team set.

Value: Sellers at COMC ask ~$3 for this #5, but fans can find 27-card team sets for less than $20, given a lack of future stars.

Fakes / reprints: Haven't seen any in the marketplace.

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