Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prewar and vintage cards going to eBay

I've started listing prewar and vintage cards on eBay (seller ID late_innings) and will add more as time permits. They'll range in time period from 19th century to 1980 and cover a wide variety of sets; the first listings are two 1962 Topps Venezuelans and an 1887 Allen & Ginter. Here's one of the former, a 1962 leaders card with Norm Cash and Al Kaline.

Note the darker orange ink (salmon-y) and lack of a USA tagline on the back. This distinguishes 1962 Venezuelan cards from American Topps, at least those without Spanish text translations.

1962 American Topps uses this ink shade and says "(c) T.C.G. Printed in U.S.A."

Most of my collection's low grade, but a couple dozen PSA/SGC cards will show up at some point. This isn't a full collection sell-off (and the type collection's staying put), but this eBay money will help keep things going between jobs. It's been awhile since selling cards there, so let me know if you have any questions or pointers. :-)

Pardon the interruption and back to profiles next time!

UPDATE: Fixed the seller link, thanks Mark!

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